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Our Sustainability

At Hamilton & James, we are committed to putting the planet first.

We are on a journey to becoming a more sustainable business and reducing our carbon footprint. This includes:

Recycling and reusing waste materials wherever possible

Working with The Furniture Recycling Group, the leading specialist mattress recycler

Launching our own sustainable mattress, the Repreve Eco 50 comfort

Implementing a sustainability strategy and continually assessing the carbon impact of our operations

Our Process

In 2022, we undertook an extensive review of our manufacturing process and the resulting waste materials. We identified a number of materials such as wood, sawdust, polythene, polyester, needle felt and cardboard, which could be reused elsewhere.

These waste materials, which previously went to waste are now used elsewhere, as border protectors for our mattresses, or straps to hold bases and ottoman lids closed, for example. Some of the more absorbent waste materials can be used to clean our machinery.

If the materials cannot be reused, then they are sent away to be re-manufactured into new raw materials.

Mattress Disposal

Did you know that 167,000 tonnes of mattresses are sent to landfill every year in the UK?

When we deliver your new Hamilton & James mattress, we are also able to take your old mattress away. All mattresses that we collect are sent to The Furniture Recycling (TFR) Group for recycling. The mission of TFR Group is to divert 100% of end- of-life mattresses in the UK from landfill, to keep the materials in circulation in another form.

By working with TFR Group, we are contributing to the circular economy, ensuring that products that can hold value beyond their original purpose can be recycled or rejuvenated to ensure the life cycle goes on and on and on.

Every Hamilton & James mattress is made with longevity in mind, so you won't need to think about recycling your mattress for many years to come.

The Repreve ECO 50

Our most environmentally responsible mattress yet is the Repreve ECO 50. Using over 50% recycled fillings and with springs made using recycled steel, this sustainable mattress offers a supremely comfortable sleep whilst being good for the planet too.

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Next Steps

At Hamilton & James, we see sustainability as a long-term commitment. Becoming a more environmentally friendly business is a journey, and there are still challenges to tackle, for example, not all raw materials used during our manufacturing processes are easy to recycle.

We will continue to assess our processes, seeking ways to improve sustainability across our operations, so we can wake up to a greener tomorrow.

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